The Whitehorse Residence offers these activities:

• Bird watching tours lead by experienced bird watching guides, walk and discovery from the hotel on foot.
• Surfing : Gandahsurfschool is the place to rent board, surfing and organise surf trip
kite surfing
Kartong reptile farm
Bijilo monkey forest
• Tanji Pelican island
Makasutu culture forest
Crocodile pool
• Golf in Gambia to Fajara golf club and Kololi beach club golf course
River tours with a large canoe
Camel ride on the beach
Tanji bird reserve
Horse ride on the beach from the beach at 150m below the hotel
• During the raining season you will be able to observe the turtles which come to lay their eggs on their native beach during the full moon. 
Massages, peti and manicures
• Relaxing at the pool or beach
• Transfers to restaurants and the touristic center in Senegambia, Banjul etc.

  • Kite Surfer Gambia
  • Crocodile
  • Bird -Yellow-Crowned-Bishop-Male-in-Display-e1368122986149

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